In 1993 Mike and Carolyn Salt were formulating a project that would use visual and musical arts to tell the Christian message and so Label of Love was born. Label of Love was established in Scunthorpe and moved to Hull in 1998. Label of Love is a Registered Charity (number 1061328) and a Limited Company (Company number 3254510). Label of Love aims to take the gospel message to young people in Hull and the surrounding area

Originally LOL was solely a band that visited pubs, etc… performing and preaching the gospel. By the end of 1994 Kalled Ullah joined the LOL Team and the project branched out into schools work and became a hugely successful travelling schools team, leading lesson sessions and performing original tracks.

The team grew, two full time schools teams were set up, and they were lead by Phil Irvine. A full time band was also set up at this time. LOL were then faced with financial difficulties, and so the schools teams were laid off which meant the schools work virtually came to a halt.

Mikey, Geoff Waring (technical wizard), and Isobel Brown (Admin) remained, and they once again focused their time on music and visual arts.

Above Pic: (2006) Will leading RE classroom sessions at Beverley Grammar School

In 2001 Mikey moved on and John Flavell took over leading the project.  John re-launched the schools team and found two volunteers Kerstin Greswell and Agnus Fraser, who became part of the schools team. A year later in 2002 LOL employed Steph and Shelle who remain to this day! Geoff Waring left LOL at Christmas 2003 followed by Isobel at Easter 2004. In January 2006 Shelle had a baby and whilst on maternity leave Ben Hamilton volunteered for LOL.  In the summer of 2006 John Flavell left the team and handed on the title of Project Manager to Will Partridge-Underwood. In the summer of 2007 Steph Trebilcock our Schools work team leader went back to her home county to work in the local schools. We then employed Julia Clapp as a LOL team member.

The charity employed Darren Clarkson who was from both a youth and educational career background to take over as the new project manager in 2009 and is still in post.

In  more recent years (2008-2016) the charity have employed Rebecca Howley, Daniel Read and Brian Sidwell as schools workers who have all done such an amazing job in educating and inspiring the many thousands of pupils they have worked with. We are so grateful to them for their boundless passion in the work!

We have had some great volunteers and interns over the most recent years Ben Hall (‘Techno Ben’) who spent a year as a media intern in 2012, Ben Hames – a great dance workshop leader in 2014 and Kabelo Marape (KB) who is still with the charity. KB is a fantastic musical artist who performs his own Christian rap tracks.

The work is still going strong and we thank every volunteer, church, school and supporter for keeping this work both alive and current in reaching out to young people each week! Thank you.

The staff and trustees of Label of Love

Darren Clarkson – Project manager and Resonate Schools Team leader

Kabelo Marape – Resonate Schools Worker

Jill Keegan – Administrator

Emma Smith – Volunteer Fundraiser

Darius Traves – Resonate Schools Team volunteer and partner in the Just as I am project to special needs schools

Current Trustees of the charity are:

David & Joy Bower, Wendy Hunter, John Morris, Kay Kerr, Jon Steel, Jan Caulton & Sami Namih. All trustees are members of local churches in the Hull area.

The Work

Much of LOL’s work is in areas of high deprivation, where young people suffer from a lack of self-worth and confidence, and have very low aspirations and motivation. LoL aims to build aspirations, confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem in young people. We do this by working in secondary schools and running events for young people. As a Christian team we believe that we can inspire and challenge young people with the message of the Christian faith as we educate into Christian themes, bible stories and moral points of view, which in turn support the teaching of the RE national curriculum.


The Resonate Schools Team uses a mix of drama, music drumming, dancefun mediamusic performance, games and discussion to create exciting and engaging activities. Our multimedia approach has proven very popular with both pupils and teachers.

The activities are designed to communicate to young people the message that they are worth something; they have potential and opportunity if they choose to take it. Each year Label of Love has contact with over 10,000 young people.


LOL works in partnership with other local churches and youth organisations to run the monthly ‘Revolution’ youth event. Each evening is focused on a theme, such as prayer etc and involves games, a time to worship God and pray, a short interactive talk and creative activities. It is designed for young Christians who may feel isolated in their school and so provides an opportunity for them to be
encouraged and meet other young Christians. Each event is seeing an attendance of 100+ young people aged 11-19. The young people are now leading various parts of the evening themselves

We have built up a very wide base of supporters from the local area through visits to churches and networks of people who work with young people. We send out a quarterly newsletter to keep supporters informed and interested, and visit local churches to give people the opportunity to meet the team and hear news of our work and future plans.

Support Us

Please take this as a personal invitation to you to be a part of this incredible schools work initiative, which is set to empower and
transform many young peoples’ lives within Hull and the surrounding areas.

It’s well worth it, just to know that if we didn’t do what we do 1,000’s of young people wouldn’t hear the gospel, feel proud, know that they are valued and God loves them.

There are many ways that you can support LOL, one off giving, monthly standing orders, and through prayer. If you would like to make a one off donation please make payments to Label of Love. Alternatively, if you would like to support on a regular basis please contact the Administration team at LOL.

As a Christian Charity, LOL depends on the generosity of people like you. Your support will help to guarantee the future of our life-transforming ministry, ensuring that the progress of Gods’ work never stops. Being one of our founding supporters, you’ll be at the heart of everything we do!!!

Give whatever you can and it will help us to reach 1,000’s of young people, and our goal to reach 1,000’s more.

We also have a quarterly newsletter, if you would like to be on our mailing list please let us know and we will make sure you receive one. It’s full of news and will keep you well up to date on how things are going and points for prayer.

Go ahead, be apart of it and make a difference!!!