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REaction days – bringing RE to life!

REaction offers children a way of engaging actively with RE.
These educational events are run in partnership with local faith communities.  The team leads each day with a lively mix of drama, dance and music.  There’s also story, creativity and reflection – something for all styles of learning. The cost is just £3 per pupil for a fantastic and engaging experience for your pupils. REaction gives opportunity for schools to practice cross-curricular learning in a more exciting way, whilst enabling teachers to be updated on current RE issues.  REaction is a happy marriage between core religious education and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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Hopes & Visions (our 2017 summer term tour) explores some key teachings of faith founders, providing opportunities for pupils to consider the impact of these teachings, together with the ways in which they have shaped believers’ responses to ultimate questions – those that have no single answer:

Who are we?  What is the purpose of our existence?  Who or what is God?

Looking forward in pupils’ lives, we take time to consider our life journey so far, envisioning what the future may hold, what we would hope for the world, and the part we all have to play.

The day starts at 10.00 and finishes by 14.45; pupils are split into workshop groups and tackle 4 or 5 activities over the course of the day with plenary sessions that encourage teamwork and respect for others!  Using enquiry, teachers then prepare follow-up activities from the new RE syllabus, once back in school.

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“A fabulous way to bring the RE curriculum alive, out of the classroom in a stunning venue.  Thank you.”

“A really enjoyable day had by all – fun, interesting, inspirational & educational – many thanks to all the staff for a great day!”
“I was impressed with the varying activities throughout the day; since these were quite different to the norm, they provided a very effective means of embedding the RE curriculum.“

“Ace, awesome, amazing”
“It’s better than RE at school!”
“Helped me understand other people’s stories when I acted them out.”
“Helped me to think about those with disabilities; the man doing it also smiled a lot!”
“Helps me to know that everyone has talents.”

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