Our main areas of involvement include assemblies, lessons, off time table days and lunchtime clubs. Each session is a fun and thought provoking media presentation. All our lessons run in line with the RE curriculum.  Our current portfolio includes…
Existence of God Life after Death
Heart of Worship Christian festivals
Creation Journey of Life
Moral Choices / Issues Jesus… Who is He???
What is Church??? Sin & Separation from God
Christian Life Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll
The life of Jesus Christmas
What does it mean to follow Jesus? Easter
Peer-pressure and Bulling Relationships
Gifts, Talents & Abilities Punishment & forgiveness
Generalisation, Prejudice & Discrimination Believing in God
Love of Money Abortion
Suffering Live the Life
Rites of Passage (Marriage, Baptism etc…) Poverty
Good & Evil Concern for Others
Amazing Gift Christianity… Modern or Out dated?
Euthanasia Interdenominational Churches
Belief & Practice Where do we look for God?
The Bible The World
Key Beliefs Truth
The Nature of God Conflict & War
Death Forgiveness
The Family Science & Religion
Dance Workshops Drama Workshops
Question Time