Why Resonate?

As we dare to discover new and exciting ways to communicate biblical truths and stories to our young people I believe God allows those truths to Resonate in the hearts and minds of our young people. Even into their unpredictable futures after they head off to college and university. God’s message ‘will not return void’ so be encouraged in your precious work for Him! 

Label of Love aim to encourage the youth workers of this city and region by supporting youth and children’s through the Resonate training programme.

“Darren has been involved in youth work for 11 years and has, like so many of you, experienced the roller-coaster ride that is youth ministry. It is his aim to encourage, train and equip youth workers to reach their potential in God and to see the next generation impacted by God’s amazing love.” 

What Should I expect from the Resonate training? 

This youth leaders training course is designed for both people who are interested in joining youth ministry and for those who are seasoned youth workers.

We aim to encourage you by helping you receive fresh ideas and ways of interacting with the young people in your Church / School – also giving you helpful tips and resources of games and activities that you could use for a fresh approach if you are in need of a change!

There will be a mixture of sessions that focus on different aspects of youth ministry delivered in an interactive way to encourage and build up your confidence in the area of youth and children’s ministry.

The sessions will have space for practical implementation of what is taught and a question time allocated at the end of each session to ensure that youth workers can ask the key things that can help them in their specific ministries.

Whether you looking for new ideas or ways of delivering sessions, or whether you are just interested in getting involved in youth or children’s ministry there will be something for everyone in the various Resonate training sessions.

To find out more or to book a Resonate Training session please contact Darren at: [email protected]